Thursday, November 5, 2015

Holiday Decorating for Less!

Happy Halloween! Well, happy belated Halloween anyway! I decided to throw a little shindig this year (totally not like me) because of the little spawn. I know I mentioned that money is a bit tight right now so I've been looking for ways to stretch my dollar as far as it will go this holiday season. Enter the dollar store.

I really don't utilize my dollar store as much as I should and I'll tell you why. I used to work in one. And things were definitely not on the up and up concerning expiration dates, etc. So, I kind of just wrote it off as a store that I didn't want or need to go to. But, the other day my sister texted me a picture of burlap she found at the dollar store. BURLAP! That's like Pinterest 101 and so now I definitely had to go.

As soon as I walked in I knew I was in some kind of cheap, corporate heaven. Holiday decorations were everywhere; Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. And it was all only a dollar each.

Now, let's not get crazy. This is not high end top notch stuff. But when you're trying to save on money it get's the job done.

My three tiered thingy (I have no idea what they're called. I'm extremely domestic obv.) was passed down to me from my Aunt and came with pretty blue plates with flowers on them. I bought black plates for a dollar each and used those instead. To make it even more festive I put a couple bows on top and two witch hat barrettes I found. All from the dollar store and to make it even better all of the Halloween stuff was buy one get one free.

The bowl is from Costco and I've had it for a few years now but it too was a steal at only 10 bucks.

I attempted to make a pumpkin cake but it was a hardcore fail. The mold that I have has never comes out clean. No matter what I do something always sticks and it's frustrating. I tried to fix it by filling the holes with candy corns but it was still a fail.

My Frankenstein Rice Krispy treats on the other hand turned out really cute. I was very supersized because I'm usually very bad at decorating baked goods. I think maybe when you give birth you get some kind of crafting super powers. For the cupcakes I just iced them white with canned frosting. I put a little aside and dyed it red, then dripped it off the sides. The little knifes I found at Target and I just stabbed those into the middle.

All in all it was a good time and I was pretty proud of my little shindig!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DIY Halloween Banner (Bunting)

Last year I was not into the whole decorating thing. I was 7 months pregnant and my baby shower was on the 25th of October. Add aches and pains and my general 'nope' attitude towards anything that required me to do physical labor and you have a bare house. I struggled to even muster the energy to decorate my Christmas tree and I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It's amazing what carrying around an 8lb bowling ball and hormones can do to a person.

This year though, I'm all about it. I have my little one and even though she's only 10 months old I find myself wanting to do anything and everything related to Halloween. The only thing is, money is a little tight right now so rather than go out and buy a ton of decorations I decided to make a little something that would give a big impact.

I made all of these letters individually and had them printed at my local print shop. Then I just used scrapbook paper to frame them up, hole punched the top and strung some ribbon through. The ribbon was only .60 cents at Hobby Lobby and it's super cute. If you'd like you can click here to purchase the letters I made in my Etsy shop or you can just as easily make them yourself using a free editing software like Fotor.

Stay tuned next week for a DIY jewelry wall organizer. I write the most exciting things ;).

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dresser Re-do

Since I did a post last week about painting without sanding I thought I'd continue it this week with another piece I used the that technique on.

When I started planning out Bellatrix's nursery I knew that I wanted to pass down my dresser to her. I also wanted to get a new, bigger dresser for myself and my husband because keeping both sets of our clothes in the older one was becoming comical. Not being able to open drawers comical.

I've had this dresser since I was just a wee babe. My grandmother bought it for my parents as a gift when I was born and I've managed to keep it since then.

The dresser was in pretty good shape for being 30 years old and since it was real wood I thought a refresh would still work for it.

Here's the before. This will teach you to make time to take a good before pic of your project so that you don't have to dig through old pictures just to find one. Whoops. I was in the middle of re-doing our master bedroom if that's any consolation. No? Fine! I'm messy!

I used the same paint color for this as I did on the bookshelf and reused the old drawer pulls because the ones I wanted cost an arm and a leg. I used Krylon Sage spray paint to refresh the pulls and then dry brushed them with a little of the original paint from the dresser. Last I sprayed a coat of polyurethane to keep the paint from scratching off.

I did end up purchasing two new nobs for the top drawer at Cost Plus World Market. I love, LOVE that store. I could seriously spend hours in there. Unfortunately, the only time I make it over there is when I'm with my husband and he just likes to look at the food and the booze. Everything else is BORING. Yeah, that's what Best Buy is like for me buddy.

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